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1-Star Hullo Reviews (12)

Craig Wood
United States

Uncomfortable, unforgiving and not enough trial time

I was interested in hullo due to its breathability and natural materials but after months of poor sleep and trial and error with fill levels and position I gave up on it. After the first nights sleep back on my tried and true pillow I never went back and now hullo can be an “experience” for house guests.

I wanted to give this pillow a try, but with only a 60 day return window and an arduous return process, this was nothing but an expensive mistake.

March 3, 2016

United States

Can Not Ship to UK

I am desperate to acquire one of your products but was violently disturbed to learn that you will not ship to me as I reside outside of the United States or Canada.

I feel hurt by your exclusion of my country and hope that you can fix this very soon.

I was asked to specify a rating but your service really isn’t worthy of one.

January 16, 2015