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1-Star Hullo Reviews (14)

Elaine Haley
Lakewood, CO

Nope, Sorry

Just too hard for me to sleep on. It’s been sitting in the box under my bed since the first week I tried it.

March 3, 2016

United States

I Had High Hopes

I sleep on my side and commonly wake up with arms numb and tingly. I tried the hullo and after a few months I have seen no difference from normal pillows.  The hullo is very heavy and I commonly wake up with a sore neck.

March 3, 2016

Craig Wood
United States

Uncomfortable, unforgiving and not enough trial time

I was interested in hullo due to its breathability and natural materials but after months of poor sleep and trial and error with fill levels and position I gave up on it. After the first nights sleep back on my tried and true pillow I never went back and now hullo can be an “experience” for house guests.

I wanted to give this pillow a try, but with only a 60 day return window and an arduous return process, this was nothing but an expensive mistake.

March 3, 2016

United States

Can Not Ship to UK

I am desperate to acquire one of your products but was violently disturbed to learn that you will not ship to me as I reside outside of the United States or Canada.

I feel hurt by your exclusion of my country and hope that you can fix this very soon.

I was asked to specify a rating but your service really isn’t worthy of one.

January 16, 2015