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Hullo Pillow Reviews

Salt Lake City, UT

Just OK

It is very heavy. It is in a ball every morning. Did not send it back but probably will not recommend to others.

July 16, 2020

Jennifer Moore
Los Angeles, CA

Perfect for Neck Pain

After taking a few of the pellets out, this pillow is PERFECT!  Yes, can be a little noisy when re-adjusting while sleeping, however, the noise is worth it!  Thank you Hullo!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 15, 2020

Oakland, CA

I Love This Pillow

I can not get enough of this pillow! I was interested in getting one after going through a few days of a bad neck cramp (caused by sleeping poorly on a standard pillow.) I instantly fell in love with my Hullo. This pillow is supportive and doesn’t smoosh down over time. It’s even comfy when I am sleeping on my side.

I have already recommended this pillow to two other people who have bought them, and I won’t stop raving about them. Thank you for giving me a great solution to my very cranky neck 🙂

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 13, 2020

Roxann Riedel
Kingston, AR

Love My Pillows

I ordered the standard rectangular and the neck roll. Both of them perform as expected. The canvas covers are durable and there is ample hulls stuffed inside so you can take some out to set aside for later if you need to.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 13, 2020

Portland, OR

Took a While to Feel Normal

I did not fall in love with my Hullo on day 1, but I really do like it now. I had to remove at least half of the buckwheat hulls that it came with, it was much too full for my needs as a back sleeper (I prefer a relatively thin pillow). I like that it’s very adjustable – I prefer support right under my neck and most pillows don’t provide any so my head falls forward. Hullo is great because you can squish it/shape it just right and then it’s set. My only complaint is that re-adjusting it in the middle of the night can be kind of loud and sometimes wakes up my partner. The sound is similar to shifting around sand in a bag but a bit louder – it’s not unpleasant sounding, just louder than I expected.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 12, 2020

Amy Royal
Lakeland, FL


I have tried so many pillows and I FINALLY found a GREAT one!  I searched for a pillow that would not “sink” when I slept, I tried so many and honestly I was about to give up.  I found Hullo by searching for “firm pillows”, read the description and took a chance.  So glad I did because this pillow is a dream!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 11, 2020

DeLand, FL

Best Pillow I Have Ever Owned for My Creaky Neck

Out of desperation and after trying all these other kinds of so called neck pillows I ordered the Hullo pillow. I considered the cheaper buckwheat pillows but some reviews talked about “smells” and “bugs” and hey, I sure didn’t need that just to save a few bucks. Well, I sure made the right decision. I threw away the other neck pillows and I will never use anything but the Hullo pillow. It molds right to what I need, my neck doesn’t complain and yes, it smells just fine. It was delivered quickly and carefully packed. I have arthritis in my neck so this was exactly what I need. Always a Hullo for me.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 8, 2020

Edina, MN

I Can Finally Sleep Again

This pillow is amazing. After having kids and now carrying toddlers around all day, my back and neck feel so stiff and sore. I suspect I have arthritis in my upper spine and neck and it causes me so much pain. I used to use the Hullo and I loved it. We recently moved, and my Hullo pillow got packed and misplaced in the move. Since then my pain has been getting increasingly worse, to the point that I have insomnia oftentimes in the middle of the night and it is difficult to fall into a deep sleep. After finding and using this pillow again I can finally fall into a deep sleep and stay asleep. It is so supportive. I recommend bunching the Hullos into a supportive shape under your neck prior to falling asleep. This pillow is a life changer. I highly recommend! Also, I love that it is made in the US, organic and free of any of the toxic materials that are in most bedding.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 7, 2020

Shavertown, PA

Super Comfortable!

Love the firmness of this pillow, and the fact that I can have it take on any shape I wish based on how I want to sleep (side, back, etc).

Love the extra hulls they give you bc allows perfect customization of volume.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

June 28, 2020

Greenville, OH

Closet Full of Unloved Pillows

I have consistently used one  (foam with neck support) pillow since 1995.  The maker of my old pillow is out of business now.  I can not even count all the pillows I have tried until Hullo!

I have the king size Hullo pillow and after a few nights, finally threw out my pillow of 25 years with confidence that I had finally found the perfect fit.   I have had this pillow for three months and love it.

The pillow is heavier than I expected but does not slide around on my bed.   I am a side sleeper and the hulls  allow me to flip from side to side without loss of support.   I sometimes sleep with my arm under my pillow and have no alteration in comfort.  The hulls allow you to customize the height of the pillow under your neck.   They do produce a slight noise but I don’t even notice it anymore.

I wake up less during the night and have had significantly less neck pain.   It is also cooler than others that I have tried.

Thank you Hullo from one very grateful Registered Nurse.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

June 24, 2020