The Disingenuous and Sneaky Bamboo Pillow

The fantastic bamboo pillow is everywhere. They’ve recently exploded in popularity. According to Google Trends, they’re even more popular than traditional down pillows! Despite their prevalence, I only noticed bamboo pillows recently while poking around on Amazon.… Read More 

Adjustable Pillow Types: What Works Best

What’s so great about an adjustable pillow? Consider the reason we sleep on pillows in the first place: they help to keep our head in neutral alignment while we sleep. Ideally your head should be… Read More 

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Microbead pillow

The Microbead Pillow Will Comfortably Ruin Us All

Have You Seen those Late-Night Informercials about Microbead Pillows? I’ve caught them many times, but only recently did I hear the exceedingly optimistic narrator say: “A pillow 300 years in the making, based on the traditional Asian buckwheat… Read More 

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Sleeping on Your Stomach: Make the Most of It!

Sleep experts agree: sleeping on your stomach is going to kill you! Well, not really, but stomach sleeping is pretty rough on your sad, aging spine. Why? Your spine is happiest when it’s aligned in what’s called a “neutral” position. Neutral… Read More 

Shredded Latex Pillow

Shredded Latex Pillow Review

About a year ago I tried out a latex pillow. I had high hopes, as they’re generally very favorably reviewed. Unfortunately I was less than impressed. Mostly because it simply wasn’t malleable or adjustable — it was a single… Read More 

woman on a neck support pillow

That Weird-Looking Neck Support Pillow

Most traditional pillow types simply do not provide adequate neck support. A lack of proper support can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Traditional pillow filling may collapse under the weight of your head during the night, resulting in a uncomfortable downward… Read More 

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