The Gift of Good Sleep

This magic pillow will erase your loved ones’ disappointment in you.

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, so don’t wait until the last moment to do your shopping! Need a little help with your gift list this year? I’ve got a great idea for you that will make your shopping easier.

Give the Gift of Better Sleep

There’s nothing quite like drifting off to sleep in a cozy bed with a comfortable pillow. It’s easy to take pillows for granted, but they play a big role in our lives. We spend one third of our lives on them, after all. We all have pillows, many of them in desperate need of replacement, but few of us have a pillow that can truly provide the best sleep possible.

Add Pillows to Your Shopping List!

“A boring gift,” you say? You’re right, a traditional pillow containing feather or foam fill isn’t much more exciting than a pair of white socks. In addition, most simply do not provide optimal support for your head and neck. A generic pillow that offers sub-par support isn’t a great gift.

An unzipped buckwheat hull pillow

An unzipped Hullo pillow reveals the beautiful buckwheat hull filling.

Have You Ever Tried a Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat pillows offer unique support you just have try try. What’s so special about them? The pillow’s fill — buckwheat hulls are terrific for use in a pillow because:

  • They are both firm and malleable. You can slide your sleepy head into a buckwheat pillow and it will conform perfectly to the shape of your head and neck while providing even and comfortable support.
  • Air flows freely through the buckwheat hull filling, keeping it cool all night long. No more flipping the pillow to the cool side!
  • You can adjust the thickness to your personal preference by adding or removing hulls anytime.

A Buckwheat pillow will impress like no sock can!

Say, “Hello” to Hullo Buckwheat Pillows

We have created what we think are the best bed pillows available. Hullo improves upon traditional buckwheat pillows by incorporating only the highest quality eco-friendly materials available.

Hullo is made in the USA with all natural and sustainable materials including:

  • a 100% certified organic cotton twill case.
  • a high-quality Dunlap hidden zipper.
  • buckwheat hull fill grown and milled in North Dakota.

Hullo is an organic product manufactured using:

  • no chemical-based foams or bird feathers.
  • 100% unbleached certified organic cotton.

Our Customers Love Hullo

Once you sleep on Hullo, you’ll never want to sleep on another pillow again. Our customers consistently give Hullo overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Try Hullo for 60 nights. If you aren’t satisfied, just send it back to us for a refund. No questions asked.

Give the Gift of Better Sleep with Hullo

Hullo makes a unique and memorable gift for children and adults alike. Order Hullo today with fast, free shipping:

  • Small Size Pillow (14×20”) $59
    Save $5 on each additional
  • Standard Size Pillow (20×26”) $99
    Save $10 on each additional
  • King Size Pillow (20×36”) $149
    Save $20 on each additional
  • Bolster Pillow (17″ × 6″) $79
    Save $10 on each additional
  • Floor Pillow (13″ × 13″ × 5″)
    Save $10 on each additional

Hullo ships fast and free in the contiguous U.S. 1% of our profits are donated to the Nature Conservancy.

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