How to Sleep in: Better Rest in 6 Steps

Sleeping dad is tormented by three terrible children

Sleeping in late feels fantastic! After a long week, treating yourself to a well-deserved indulgence is not hard to justify.

Work, children, and other responsibilities can put a real damper on life’s cheapest luxury: sleep. Too often, we deprive ourselves of proper sleep during the week days, leaving ourselves to catch up on the weekends. Is this the best way to rest? Probably not: a recent study suggests that sleeping in is actually bad for your health (what a cruel consequence to some simple sleep!).

It’d be best to get adequate sleep every day of the week, but that’s a pretty tall order for most.

How to sleep in and catch up on rest: try the following super sleep in tips.

1. Negotiate with your family

You might get away with sleeping in now and again, but to be a true sleep-in master, you have to communicate your intentions. Your spouse is not going to be happy if every Saturday morning you’re soundly sleeping, while they’re left alone to take care of your obnoxious kids and walk the dog. Angry family members are not conducive to restful sleep! 

You’re probably not the only one in the house that likes to sleep in. An alternating sleep in schedule can make everyone happy. My wife and I divide our responsibilities and alternate our sleep in days. This Saturday I’ll sleep in, next Saturday, as much as it pains me, it’ll be her turn. It’s absolutely worth it. Tomorrow is my turn!

2. Sleep in your comfortable, quiet bedroom.

It really should go without saying, but don’t try sleeping out on the sofa if you really want to catch up on your sleep—you’re asking for the cat to stand on your head. Stay in your bed with the door closed. Lock it so the kids stay out!

3. Keep the temperature low.

Research suggests that a cool room at about 65 degrees (brrrr) is the best temperature for sleep. I personally find that a bit too chilly. Do what works best for you, but keep in mind that cooler is generally better.

4. Pull the shades.

Keep the room as dark as possible. Remember to pull the curtains so that Mr. Sun doesn’t stream in and nudge you awake with his tiresome glare.

5. Avoid the noise.

The rest of the annoying world is awake, doing loud overbearing  stuff. They’re vibrating crap everywhere! If you can’t make them shut up, you’re left a few viable solutions:

  • Some people swear by ear plugs, but I find them inconvenient and well, a little gross.
  • White noise generators work surprisingly well at blocking out noise—there’s a lot of applications available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Of course, there’s also the classic pillow over the head technique. It is a convenient and effective resolution to the unexpected lawn mower or screaming child. Unfortunately you’ll get hot under a traditional pillow. I strongly recommend buckwheat pillows for this technique-they don’t retain heat!

6. Move your phone to the far side of the room.

If you wake a bit earlier than you wanted, resist the urge to grab it. If you do it’s all over, you’re awake for the day. Put it down and go back to sleep!

Sleep in and enjoy it! But…

These tips can make sleeping in a bit easier and more effective, but don’t forget that a consistent sleep schedule is best. Try your best to get proper rest so that sleeping in isn’t necessary.