Pillow Comparison Chart

This pillow comparison chart demonstrates the superior characteristics of buckwheat pillows.

Hullo™ down memory foam polyester
All Natural & Animal Free All Natural Animal Free Pillow N N N
Breathable & Cool Breathable Temperature Controlled Pillow N N N
Support (doesn’t collapse) Supportive pillow N Memory foam supports your head N
Adjustable Shape (moldable) Adjustable pillow shape Moldable pillow N N
Adjustable Thickness Pillow with Adjustable Thickness N N N

All Natural & Animal Free

Something most people don’t consider is, “where does my pillow come from?” The details of how down and synthetic pillows are made tell frightening stories that include inhumane animal treatment and harmful petro-chemicals.  Do you really want to rest your head on an animal product that can clump up and collect dust mites and bacteria or worse yet, a petroleum based pillow that takes thousands of years to biodegrade? Off-gassing of chemical fumes and smells are a very common complaint with synthetic foam pillows. Hullo™ buckwheat pillows are all-natural, animal-free and provide superior comfort and support to down, memory foam and other synthetic pillows.

A Breathable Pillow Is a Cool Pillow

Many people turn their pillow throughout the night trying to escape the heat that builds up in their pillow. Buckwheat hulls’ structure allows air to flow through the pillow, resulting in a pillow that generally feels cooler and “fresher” throughout the night. They also do not retain or insulate like foams or down feathers, which have high insulation values and tend to get very hot at night. No more flipping to the cool side in the middle of the night!

Supportive (Doesn’t Collapse)

One of the primary advantages of a buckwheat pillow is that it does not collapse under the weight of your head at night. Most pillows flatten and do not hold your head and spine in alignment. This often results in a sore neck or back.

Adjustable Shape (Moldable)

Everybody has a uniquely shaped body and personal sleeping position(s). A moldable pillow allows you to control the shape of your pillow to perfectly conform to the shape of your head and neck. This relieves pressure points by distributing weight evenly and supporting your neck and spine in alignment. Pre-formed memory foam pillows are a fixed size and shape and do not adjust to the natural curves of your body; they can’t adjust to support different sleeping positions during the night.

Adjustable Thickness

We all have our preferred sleeping position, and the thickness of your pillow is very important for achieving comfort. Whether you are a side sleeper, a back sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, the thickness of Hullo™ can be easily adjusted by adding or removing buckwheat hulls. Every new Hullo™ comes fully stuffed, so that its owner has plenty of fill for their needs.