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Hullo pillows are generally considered to be firm pillows. While you might be accustomed to a squishy, soft pillow, many are surprised that firmer pillows can actually be more comfortable as they provide support. Did you know your head likely weighs between 8 and 12 pounds? A firm pillow supports that weight for a healthier and more comfortable sleeping position.

Chattanooga, TN

Just What My Chiro Ordered!

My chiro had me sleeping on a stack of pillows for my lower back pain which was not something I looked forward to each night! So I set out to find the firmest pillow made as my chiro told me I had to find a pillow that did not give at all to keep my spine aligned in a neutral position. After reading the reviews for the Hullo, I took a chance and it has been the best pillow for me. Even my chiro and my physical therapist have given their approval. I sleep so well on my Hullo and wake up pain free. I look forward to laying my head down each night. Thank you for this wonderful product!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

October 24, 2020

Amy Royal
Lakeland, FL


I have tried so many pillows and I FINALLY found a GREAT one!  I searched for a pillow that would not “sink” when I slept, I tried so many and honestly I was about to give up.  I found Hullo by searching for “firm pillows”, read the description and took a chance.  So glad I did because this pillow is a dream!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 11, 2020

Shavertown, PA

Super Comfortable!

Love the firmness of this pillow, and the fact that I can have it take on any shape I wish based on how I want to sleep (side, back, etc).

Love the extra hulls they give you bc allows perfect customization of volume.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

June 28, 2020

Cypress, TX

Good Thickness, Doesn’t Go Flat When You Sleep on It

If you move around a lot in bed, constantly switching sides, then this pillow will tend to get harder. If you lay still for the most part, you shouldn’t have any trouble, but as someone who tosses and turns, the pillow is usually somewhat hard and flat by the time I wake up. That being said, it’s still my favorite pillow.

You’re not paying for cotton, feathers, or foam. You’re paying for a surprisingly comfortable bean bag designed with the head in mind. This is a premium pillow at a less-than-premium price.

So, what are buckwheat hulls? I don’t know, but they are so light in weight, that if you hold some in your hand and blow on them slightly, they will fly out of your hand. The closest thing I can compare them to is the thin, brown, plasticky material you pull out of your teeth after eating popcorn. The pillow, however, is pretty heavy, considering I just ordered the small one. That’s probably because of the shear quantity of material inside. The fabric that houses the hulls is very nice-feeling and relatively thick, too, and the zipper is very robust, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the hulls spilling out.

You can’t really prop up the Hullo to become a headrest to watch TV or use your phone in bed with the small pillow because it likes to abide by the laws of gravity. If you place it upright, it becomes a burrito shape, but if you keep it flat, it stays a pillow shape. I use a different pillow for sitting up. Bottom line: it’s a really good pillow, and a unique one at that. If you don’t like it, you can return it before 60 days.

I used a promo code for free shipping to order the small Hullo pillow. The medium is probably much better, but since the pillow retains its thickness throughout the night, there’s no need for me to upgrade, personally. The main reason why most people think they need a BIG pillow is because they want a thick pillow. As a wise man once said, it’s about the girth, not the length.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

May 31, 2020

Lou Ann Dean
Nacogdoches, TX

Arthritic Neck and Spine Find Relief via the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

I wasn’t sure I’d like a buckwheat pillow because of the hardness of the hulls. I couldn’t wrap my head around finding comfort lying on top of buckwheat hulls. I’m so, so happy I decided to try a Hullo pillow out. I have arthritis in my neck and it causes such pain and discomfort. I’d wake up with headaches and went through so, so, so many pillows and money thrown at them that I was in despair. I’m grateful this pillow actually does what it offers to do. I wake up now with no neck pain most days. I’m just so grateful and so happy–so much so, that I bought one for my husband, too, and now he doesn’t rub his neck in the mornings like he used to. I’ll probably get more hulls for mine since it needs more loft.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

May 20, 2020


Love My Hullo

I have had my pillow for about 2 months now. The first few days it was definitely a strange experience and took some getting used to since I’ve never slept on a buckwheat pillow before. I bought this because I kept waking up with my neck killing me. After about 2 months of use I can say that my neck pain is mostly gone. I really needed a firm pillow and this one works great for me! Buckwheat pillow convert!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

April 21, 2020

Roanoke, VA

Love It – Did Have to Add Buckwheat

I destroy pillows with my heavy head – they break down in a few weeks.  And I need the pillow to help me avoid snoring.

I have had the Hullo about 3 months.  What a difference.  I did have to add about 8 cups of buckwheat to get the firmness I wanted.  It is really great.  I also have found that after a few weeks, I need to add a cup as I presume some buckwheat either breakdown or lack tighter together.  It has made a significant difference in my sleep.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

April 5, 2020

Carolyn Baier
Houston, TX

Love this Pillow!

I usually wake up several times a night but have slept sound all night since I started sleeping on this pillow.  I like it because it’s “adjustable”.  I have cervical dystonia and need support on my neck when I sleep on my side.  The pillow is firm, but very comfortable.  I recommend 100%.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

January 6, 2020

United States

Love This Pillow

I have tried so many pillows and this, by far, is my favorite. It creates no heat and has helped my neck – I no longer wake up with pain. I purchased one for my mom and she loves hers as well. I would suggest a larger pillow case for it – so the hulls do not bunch up creating a harder feel. I definitely recommend. It may take a day or 2 to get used to but it definitely is worth it!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 18, 2017

Donita Garrett
Union Bridge, MD

My Second Pillow and I Still Love

I received a pillow years ago and wore the sucker out. It was the same price for the amount of hullls needed or a new pillow. New pillow it was! It wasn’t as firm as I would’ve liked and the awesome customer service helped me with it.

I love my pillow! I sleep great and never wake up with a stiff neck.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 18, 2017

Chris Montecalvo
Limington, ME

Not as Advertised

Pillow does not stay cool as in the advertisement, and gets very hard when inner filling shifts.

December 10, 2017

United States

The Most Comfortable Pillow

So happy with this purchase! My husband and I were not happy with our memory foam pillows, and I saw Hullo on facebook and was intrigued. When you receive the pillows, they seem strangely heavy and firm. However, it is by far the most comfortable pillow that I’ve ever slept on!

December 8, 2017

Morgan Muston
Lansing, MI

I Don’t Love It

Let me first say, I was So busy trying to love my Hullo pillow that I missed the deadline for returning it, otherwise I would have sent it back. I’ve spent a load of time removing and adding the bulls trying to find a comfortable level. It continues to evade me. Overall I find the pillow to be too firm. Sometimes it’s ok if I layer it with a softer pillow on top. In the end, it’s another $160 spent on a pillow I don’t use, and it’s gathering dust in my pillow graveyard.

December 7, 2017

Jeff Hubbard
Chesapeake, VA

ONLY Pillow for ME!!!

Best pillow ever for me, however, I’m sure it’s not for everyone.  It does take a slight adjustment getting used to it.  I like firm pillows and a truly firm pillow is not easily found these days. This thing is amazing and I’ve been using mine for more than a year.  I haven’t had a kink, crook or pain in my neck once since using it.  In fact, I’ve told my wife, more than once, how great my neck feels.  I can turn my neck completely left or right with absolutely no pain or hesitation.  Almost feels like you do after a good massage.  That being said, my wife is using our second one.  She likes it but isn’t quite in love with it like me.  Thank you Hullo.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 27, 2016

United States

Highly Recommended

I love my pillow, needed to take some of the fill out to reach my desired firmness, but I preferred too much fill, which was easy to remove, rather than too little. I sleep better with this pillow than any other I’ve found.

My 6 year old daughter has hijacked it for now because she loves its weight on her body as she falls asleep! I am going to need to steal it back!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

October 27, 2016

United States

Sturdy and Comfortable!

I’ve had my Hullo pillow for a little over 6 months now and I’ve loved it the whole time. I prefer firm pillows when I sleep and, before buying this one, would generally get a pillow, use it for maybe a year, and then get gradually worse sleep as the pillow wore out until I grabbed a new one and started the process over again. Though it hasn’t been a year yet, the Hullo has been as solid as when I first got it and has helped my sleep immensely. I will say if you are considering buying one it definitely takes some getting used to and isn’t for everyone. It’s by far the firmest pillow I’ve used (which was great for me it turns out) and when you lay on it you stay put where you laid your head down. Also the sound of the pillow can take some adjusting too since it is a bag full of hulls; it’s not a loud sound, but it is something to get used to if you shift around at night.

Overall, though, I can’t recommend it enough!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

October 27, 2016

United States

No Free Shipping on Returns

This pillow is firm. Really firm. Be warned, if you return the pillow, there’s no free shipping. You have to pay for shipping and the pillow is very heavy. It’s like shipping a really large bag of flour.

May 31, 2016

United States

Recovering Feather-Pillow-Addict Says YES

As far back as I can remember using a pillow at night, I’ve used a feather pillow. Pillows stuffed with the softest down have been my default, my go to. I haughtily looked down on pillows of any other type. This was even though I’d been growing more dissatisfied with my feather pillow’s tendency to wake me in the middle of the night because it’s lofty support had degraded and squished away through after a few hours.

Well, then I heard some ad-reads for the Hullo Pillow on The Talk Show podcast. I decided to give a buckwheat pillow a try. It seemed relatively risk-free.

The first week was difficult. I was so used to the soft, plushness of feather pillows: the buckwheat pillow felt like a slab of concrete in comparison.

But, then the second week hit. By then, my muscles were well adjusted. The pillow start to feel supportive rather than hard. I was a convert! This pillow is great.

This pillow excels at all-night-long support and good breathability. Unlike my feather pillows of the past, this pillow works with/for me, rather than against me.

What a fantastic pillow!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 26, 2016

United States

The Best Pillow I’ve Had–Very Versatile

I like a hard pillow.  I don’t want to spend lots of $ to get one. After dealing with a chunky inconsistent pillow for too long I saw the Hullo pillow on a frequented website and said, what the heck, give it a shot.

The greatest think about the pillow is that I can adjust it anyway I want; harder, softer, build it up, sink it down.  It’s not just a hard pillow—it’s a pillow to meet any need.

I’m quite happy with it.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 6, 2016

Jason Quade
Golden, CO

American-Made Quality

I have been sleeping on my Hullo for about 3 months now and absolutely love it!  First Impressions:  Well made, different, and hard.  I started out using my Hullo thinking this pillow may not be for me.  However, I had a sore neck issue that wasn’t going away which is why I searched for, found and purchased my Hullo in the first place.  Anyway, I stuck with it through the first couple weeks of getting use to the noise (which I don’t notice at all now and my wife never has) and learning what shape works best for me.  I am a side sleeper and I find that if I fluff the pillow and then smash the middle down it gives my neck perfect support.  Once it’s the shape I prefer, it stays that way for most of the night with the need for me to tweak it once or twice throughout the night.

I have spent thousands on every type of pillow out there and I am so grateful that I found Hullo and I love my buckwheat pillow!  Thank you!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 4, 2016

United States

Love and Like

I love and like this pillow. It feels REALLY wonderful when I go to sleep, especially when I’m on my back. My only issue with it is that I start out the night feeling supported, but I will wake up on the edge of the pillow, my neck kind of crooked up to one side.  All the buckwheat will have moved during the night and my neck is no longer supported.  I haven’t taken any buckwheat out yet, maybe that will help?  It’s better than soft pillows though, that’s for sure.  My children keep stealing it from me!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 3, 2016

United States

Some May Like It

I thought it would be perfect for me who like thin pillow. I took almost half of the seeds to make it thinner, yet it still wasn’t great. The firmness is the issue for me. Really feels like laying on a firm surface and it does not forms along when you change position.

I understand it’s a very personal opinion. The one star is for the bogus marketing telling you can try the pillow at no cost except they forget to mention returning it is at you own expense and cost more than the pillow.

March 3, 2016

United States

New Level of Comfort & Sleep

To be honest, when I first got the pillow, I thought it was weird and didn’t see what all the fuss was about. It took a week or two, but sure enough Hullo became the only pillow I enjoy sleeping on.

I sleep on both my side and back and I always used two soft pillows, often folding one of them in an attempt to get the support to hold my head and neck in the right position. With Hullo, I form the pillow to the perfect shape and thickness and it holds my head in the right position all night long.  If I roll over or readjust in the night, its easy to shift the fill with my hands to adapt do different sleeping positions.

Now, floppy soft pillows just seem woefully inadequate and I sleep on Hullo every night. I even take it with me when I travel, because no other pillow comes close. Highly recommended!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

February 5, 2016

United States

Not for Me but Made it Work

The feel of the Hullo at the start of the night was great, but I’m a restless sleeper, and movement would shift the hulls around during the night so I had to constantly rearrange the fill, which didn’t help me get back to sleep. I also would wake up with pain in the ear and the side of my head that was on the pillow, so it’s not soft enough for me. However, I distributed the hulls into a couple of zippered travel/neck pillow cases, so now I use those as bolsters for stretching and helping with waking positions.

August 5, 2015