James Quinn
  Amityville, NY

Honest Review

I generally like the pillow but had some issues with it’s “hardness” when formed into position.  I recently solved this by using another typical foam pillow on top of it.  I pack the Hulo down hard and flat, and partially into the space where the mattress meets the headboard.  then place the foam pillow on top.  this gave me the support I needed and the softness. I am a side sleeper, and a “roller”, and like to extend my arm above my head so finding the “just-right” position has always been difficult. also, somehow some of the buckwheat hulls keep escaping from the pillow.  for some reason the zipper doesn’t seem to stay fully in the closed position.  last, why can’t it be made with a removable cover that can be washed without emptying all the hulls?

March 4, 2016