Small Buckwheat Pillow

Japanese Size Sobakawa Pillow

4.5 out of 5 stars  419 Reviews

  •   14" × 20" - 4 lbs, 4 oz — Traditional Sobakawa size
  •  100% Certified Organic Cotton — Preshrunk, machine-washable 7 oz. twill
  •  Premium Buckwheat Hulls — American-grown buckwheat, never roasted
  •  High-Quality Dunlap™ Consealed Zipper —Center-lapped zipper with secure zipper pull pocket
  • U.S. FlagAmerican-Made Pillow  Cut, Sewn & Assembled in the U.S.A. — durable construction with overlock stitching
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Small sobakawa pillow, side view with brand label Small Buckwheat three-quarter view, closeup of seams Sobakawa buckwheat pillow, top view Close up of consealed dunlap zipper constrcution on pillow with double-lapped construction and secure zipper pull pocket Buckwheat pillow with Hullo brand label, cotton twill weave close up Buckwheat pillow on end, slumped over illustrating bean bag-like quality
Small size Buckwheat Pillow, sillouette side view

Traditional Sobakawa Size

Our small pillow is based on the size of traditional Japanese buckwheat pillows, also known as sobakawa pillows. This 14"×20" size is just enough to support your head, while keeping size and weight managable and more maneuverable – it’s perfect for travel or kids too. Hullo’s buckwheat hull fill, shapes to your head and neck and offers firm support that’s cool and comfortable.

Firm & Adjustable Comfort

Adjust the shape and thickness of Hullo to create perfect support for your neck and head. This removes stress from your spine. A buckwheat pillow’s firm, yet shapable, quality supports the space beneath your neck, keeping your spine aligned and allowing your neck and back muscles to completely relax. Many people are delighted to discover that something as simple as a pillow can have such a positive impact on their sleep.

Add or remove buckwheat hulls anytime to adjust the thickness and character of your sobakawa pillow. Unlike some other brands, Hullo ships fully stuffed, providing you with plenty of buckwheat hulls to adjust your pillow just how you like it.

Two sleeping diagrams: person on a buckwheat side sleeper pillow and and person on a back sleeper pillow illustrating the pillows head and neck support
Diagram of cool pillow, illustrating breathability with translucent blue arrows representing air flow

 Cool & Dry Breathability

Typical foam and feather pillows retain body heat and moisture, making your pillow warm and damp, particularly during the hot summer months. The lack of air flow prevents warm air from escaping your pillow’s fill. Hullo’s buckwheat hull fill allows air to circulate freely through your pillow, preventing uncomfortable heat and moisture build up. Sleep. Stay cool and comfortable all night long on your Hullo.

 Organic, Natural Materials

Natural materials and quality construction set Hullo apart from most other pillows. Compare, and you'll see – From the 100% certified organic cotton twill case, to the carefully sourced and selected buckwheat hulls, we make our buckwheat pillows in the U.S.A. with the finest materials available. Our pillows are sewn with durable overlock stitching and a center lapped zipper with a secure zipper pull pocket. Our premium buckwheat hulls are grown and milled by American farmers, unlike cheap imported hulls, which are roasted. Buckwheat pillows contain no animal products – a great vegan pillow option. Conserving the land and waters on which all life depends is very important to us. We contribute 1% of our profits to The Nature Conservancy.

pile of buckwheat hulls next to natural flowering cotton plants with a 'certified organic' badge and close up of diagonal weave of cotton twill fabric
cardboard box with Hullo logos being opened

 Try Hullo for 60-Nights

We guarantee you’ll love Hullo. If you are not satisfied with Hullo for any reason, send it back to us and we’ll refund your purchase – no questions asked.

 Fast, Free Shipping

Orders typically ship the same or next business day, so you'll have Hullo delivered to your door in no time. UPS Ground shipping usually arrives at your door in 1-4 business days – free of charge.

4.5 out of 5 stars   419 Reviews

 Pillow Types Compared

Hullo® feather memory foam polyester
All Natural & Animal-Free Yes No No No
Breathable & Cool Yes No No No
Support (doesn't collapse) Yes No Yes No
Adjustable Shape (moldable) Yes Yes No No
Adjustable Thickness (fill) Yes No No No
5.0 (419)
I got the small, and I’m super glad I did. It’s just the right size, and supports my head perfectly
Phil Verified Purchase
Madison, Wisconsin

Reviews of Our Small Pillow

Keith Larsen
Winsted, Connecticut

Fabulous Pillow

ADJUSTABILITY I purchased the standard size. Thanks to the instructions, I removed several cups of the filling to make it the perfect thickness for me. The pillow can be molded in so many ways. If you’re a side sleeper, it’s easy to make a little hollow for your ear. No more pressure points causing pain to my ear. It stays in place. It’s going to be heavier than a pillow you may be used to, but that actually turned out to be fine. One note. It is a little noisy as you adjust it, but once done, sleeping is great.

COOL! This pillow sleeps cool even in the summer. My head never feels hot. Nor does it feel cool in the winter. Just right.

RESPONSIBILITY! I was happy to support this small business. Organic natural products are important to me. And free shipping and money back guarantee was a bonus.

I’ve used the pillow for several months and will never go back to other pillows.

Brooklyn, New York

Won't Sleep Without My Hullo!

From the night I received my Hullo, my sleep routine was forever changed! I’m a small, petite individual, so I opted for the smaller sized pillow for my first test run, and has found that this size works perfectly for me. I had no issue, or adjustment period as some reviews mentioned – I wasn’t bothered at all by the light sound of the buckwheat. The Hullo pillow truly cradles my neck. I create a little indent, then nestle in for a fabulous night’s sleep. I’ve tried a memory foam pillow, and botanical latex pillows that are a healthier version supposed to mimic down pillows. My Hullo is by far the most supportive for my neck, out of all pillows I’ve tried.

This felt like such a quality purchase. The packaging was modern, clean, and used an absolute minimum amount of plastic, just shielding the pillow itself. I also love supporting businesses who care about where they source materials from, create clean products for consumers, and who fully produce & operate in the US. I just purchased a Hullo for my mom for her birthday. I’m so happy with my purchase. Thanks Hullo!

Madison, Wisconsin

Wish I had Tried this Sooner!

Love my Hullo. Unlike any other pillow I’ve tried, I can shape it just to the right height and comfort, and then it STAYS PUT. My head doesn’t sink in gradually, and I finally can get the support I need as a side sleeper, and have it stay put all night… it has been the pillow I have always needed but never had. I love that the filling level can be adjusted, and that the filling contents are compostable if i ever need to replace them—so tired of all the plastic filled pillows.

I got the small, and I’m super glad I did. It’s just the right size, and supports my head perfectly without having a lot of extra pillow sticking out everywhere. Standard size pillows would always get in the way of where I wanted to put my arms when side sleeping, but the small doesn’t have this problem.

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Buckwheat Pillow FAQs

What are the advantages of buckwheat hull pillows?

Buckwheat hulls have several advantages over traditional pillow filling like foam or feathers. Most significantly, buckwheat hulls do not collapse under the weight of your head. They provide excellent support for your head and neck. The buckwheat hulls conform perfectly to the unique shape of your head and neck. This allows the weight of your head to be evenly distributed, which will prevent any undue stress on the muscles in your neck. In addition, buckwheat hulls do not conduct or reflect heat like other popular pillow filling types. They’re breathable, allowing warm humid air to quickly escape, keeping you cool all night long. Using a zippered opening, the buckwheat hull filling can be added or removed to provide the thickness you prefer. Buckwheat hulls are also an economic choice – they tend to have a much longer life span than most pillow filling types.

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What size buckwheat pillow should I get?

For most people, we recommend the standard size buckwheat pillow. It’s by far the most popular size and it works with any standard bedding sets and pillow cases. We think it’s the perfect size for every-night use. Many people use the smaller size for travel and it is great for kids too. The smaller size is also closer to traditional japanese-size pillows. The king size can be just as comfortable, and works great with your king size bedding. Weighing in at around 15 pounds, the Hullo in king size is a very substantial pillow.

How long will a buckwheat pillow last?

With proper care your buckwheat pillow can last many years. Over time, the buckwheat hull filling will slowly become flattened, and lose some of their elasticity which may reduce air-circulation and loft. We offer top-quality buckwheat hulls which will extend the life of your pillow indefinitely.

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Where is Hullo made?

Hullo’s current stock of buckwheat hulls were grown in Montana and North Dakota. All our buckwheat hulls are milled and air-cleaned in North Dakota. Hullo’s high-quality 12″ Dunlap zipper is made by Dunlap Zipper Company, based in Dunlap, Tennesee. Hullo’s labels are woven and printed in Colorado and woven in New York. Every Hullo is assembled in and shipped from Duluth, Minnesota. Thank you for supporting American small businesses!

What pillow case can I use with Hullo?

You can use your favorite bedding with Hullo. Standard and King size pillow cases are a standard size and available from most bedding brands. Small Hullos are a somewhat less common size, but many brands offer pillow cases for 14″ x 20″ pillows. These are commonly marketed under various names including: “travel pillow case”, “small pillow case”, or “toddler pillow case”.

Can I heat or cool a buckwheat pillow?

Cooling buckwheat pillows is possible and safe. Some people will chill their pillow in the refrigerator, freezer, or even outdoors or in an uninsulated room in cold weather. While it is feasible and safe to cool your pillow in a refrigerator or freezer, never put your buckwheat pillow in a microwave or conventional oven. It will reduce the moisture content in the hulls and is also potentially unsafe.

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How do I clean a buckwheat pillow?

Hullo is designed to be used with your regular pillow cases, and therefore should not require cleaning very often. When it’s time to clean it, just unzip Hullo’s pillowcase and empty the hulls into a dry container. It is unnecessary to clean the buckwheat hull filling. Wash your pillowcase in cool water and air dry. Replace the hulls only once the pillowcase is completely dry.

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Are buckwheat pillows firm or soft?

Hullo is a firm pillow. Many of us are acclimated to soft and squishy traditional pillows, so a firm pillow might sound uncomfortable. Buckwheat hulls conform to the shape of your head and neck, eliminating any pressure points, so it doesn’t feel “hard.” It will comfortably cradle your head consistently all night without collapsing like soft pillow types. It can take some getting used to , but it’s worth it!

Are buckwheat pillows noisy?

Hullo buckwheat pillow makes a gentle rustling noise when moved. Most people adjust to the sound after a few nights on their new pillow. This video attempts to demonstrate the sound  it makes.

Is Hullo treated with any flame retardant chemicals?

No, Hullo’s organic cotton twill cover and buckwheat hull fill is not treated with any flame retardants.

What happens when a buckwheat pillow gets wet?

Hulls that get slightly wet should dry out fine – putting Hullo in a sunny window might help speed up the drying process. If they get really wet, you can spread them out on some dry towels and they will dry out. If you’d prefer, we offer replacement buckwheat hulls of the finest quality to restore Hullo to like-new condition at any time.

How do I adjust the buckwheat fill?

Depending on your personal preference, you may want to adjust the amount of fill in your pillow. The amount of fill influences both the pillow’s thickness and malleability. We want to ensure you have enough fill, so our pillows ship fully-stuffed. To remove hulls, be sure your pillow is standing on its end with the zipper facing up before you open it. Unzip the cover and use a cup to carefully scoop the extra hulls into a storage bag. Once you dial in your preferred amount of fill, you can fully enjoy the benefits of your personally adjusted buckwheat pillow.

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Could I be allergic to buckwheat hull pillows?

While buckwheat pillows are often described by some as being hypoallergenic, a small percentage of people could experience an allergic reaction to buckwheat flour residue which can remain after the milling process. We take extra care to purchase only buckwheat hulls that have been thoroughly air-cleaned of any leftover flour or foreign material.

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