New York, NY

Not Worth the Money and Icky Business Practices

The pillow wasn’t for me. After trying it out for over a month and waking up with a headache every day I gave up on the pillow. But hey, that’s how they market the pillow. You may like it, you may not.

What’s more annoying is the fact that they sell this “60-day risk free trial period” and yet, to initiate a return you have to email the company only to have them try to guilt you into keeping the pillow due to environmental harm. “Hullos returned to us can not be resold. Despite our best efforts, the return process is harmful to the environment. Please consider giving your pillow to a friend, relative or pet to prevent waste.” Not to mention if you do choose to send it back, it will cost about $30 in shipping.

Just some things for you to consider before spending $90+ on a pillow.

From Hullo: We do our best to balance customer service and our environmental footprint and try to be as transparent as possible about our return policy. Shipping should not cost $30, unless you’re using a highly marked-up vendor to return your pillow.

February 6, 2024