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Solved My Problem

I started sleeping kinda half on my side and half on my front and this caused me to wake up several times a night with an arm that had gone to sleep.   I found I could alleviate this a bit by stacking and folding my regular pillows into just the right configuration.  But if I changed sides, which I tend to do several times a night, I would lose that perfect configuration, and I would have to raise myself is out of sleep to reconfigure.  The Hullo fixes all that.  Just the one Hullo keeps my head up and supports my neck perfectly. And if I turn and then need to adjust the Hullo, one soft punch in its side usually does the trick.   Adjusting the Hullo with a punch has become intuitive and I am not waking up to do it with each toss and turn during the night.   No more arms going to sleep.  No more middle-of-the-night pillow engineering sessions.  This Hullo is a delight.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 3, 2016