Alexander Bradley
  Blackwood, NJ

Great Return Policy!

Imagine being on a beach, and building up a little pile of sand, and then putting a towel over it and laying down on it. You can smush your head into it and it’ll form a perfectly comfortable spot to lay, but if you want to move, you have to do the whole thing over again.

That’s what a hullo is like. It’s dense and much heavier than a normal pillow, which is fine, but you have to adjust it to get comfortable with it. I do find it to be a comfortable pillow, but if every time I get up to use the bathroom, change position or roll over, I need to fluff a noisy bag o’ buckwheat, I’d rather just use a normal pillow.

I returned the hullo months ago, and just got an email today asking for a review. That’s either poor programming by hullo, or a great and honest company who even wants the people who don’t enjoy their product to write reviews.

Terrific customer service. Meh pillow.