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Worth Every Penny!

I don’t usually write reviews, but am making an exception for this product.  I heard about the Hullo pillows on a podcast and thought my wife and I could give them a try since they have a very generous 60 day return policy.

Neither of us loved them immediately.  I liked it but they do seem noisy at first and they are so different from any pillow I had every used before.

My wife was harder to win over and, even though we are in our 50s, she was now on the hunt for the perfect pillow.  She did research, bought pillows online, bought pillows in stores, tried them out and ended up returning all of them.  None of them were better than the Hullo pillow!

We both love them now, have less neck pain, sleep comfortably and don’t notice the noise anymore (they either got quieter or we adjusted to the noise).

Anyway, we are both very happy with them and would highly recommend them.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.