Please Consider a Donation to The Nature Conservancy

Donate to The Nature Conservancy

Hullo™ is obviously comfortable, but it has another benefit: it is a sustainable product. That is, it’s produced in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment and society.

When we started Hullo over 10 years ago, we knew we needed to do it responsibly:

  • We make our buckwheat pillows with renewable, compostable, and organic materials. Hullo will not lie in a landfill for hundreds of years like pillows made with petrochemicals.
  • Hullo pillows are designed to be durable and include easily-replaceable filling. A long-lasting product reduces resource consumption.
  • Hullo is produced and transported using environmentally-friendly methods. The fabric cases, buckwheat hulls and cardboard boxes are produced locally, substantially reducing wasted energy and the pollution generated in transporting goods.

Additionally, we contribute 1% of all our profits to The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting nature and preserving biodiversity around the world. Many eco-charities do good work, but The Nature Conservancy has proven very effective among its peers.

The Nature Conservancy works to:

  1. protect critical habitats: The organization protects important habitats for plants and animals, including forests, wetlands, and oceans. By conserving these areas, The Nature Conservancy ensures that these ecosystems continue to function properly and provide valuable services to humans and other species.
  2. Address climate change: The Nature Conservancy is committed to finding solutions to the climate crisis, which is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity and the health of our planet. They work to promote renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable land use practices.
  3. preserve endangered species: The Nature Conservancy protects endangered species by preserving their habitats, reducing threats from invasive species, and working with local communities to promote conservation.
  4. promote sustainable agriculture: The organization works with farmers and ranchers to promote sustainable agricultural practices. This helps protect soil health, water quality, and biodiversity.
  5. support scientific research: They conduct scientific research which helps us better understand the natural world. This research then informs effective conservation strategies.

Please consider making a donation to The Nature Conservancy. You and/or your business can support these important conservation efforts and protect the planet for future generations!