Buckwheat Pillow Heating and Cooling

Man sleeping with his head in a refrigerator

This looks like a real pain in the neck.

Buckwheat pillow heating and cooling – whether it’s to alleviate muscle pain, or just for some relief on a hot summer night, it seems worth trying right? Well, let’s investigate…

Cooling a Buckwheat Pillow

I’ve tried it! If you’re not very good at keeping your refrigerator clean, you might want to slide your pillow inside a plastic bag to keep it from getting covered in your nasty leftovers. Does it work? Yes, it does stay cool, for awhile. The cooling effect didn’t last more than about 20 minutes, but while it did, it was nice.

The thing is, a buckwheat pillow allows air to flow through the pillow, resulting in a pillow that generally feels cool and “fresh” throughout the night without having to stuff it into your freezer every day.

We think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but if you’re really being punished on a hot summer day, it is worth a try.

Heating a Buckwheat Pillow

Heating a buckwheat pillow, on the other hand, is not a good idea. For my beloved pillow’s sake, I didn’t try it. Most quality buckwheat pillows have a metal zipper, so unless you enjoy fireworks, keep it out of your microwave oven.

If you’re very careful it’s feasible to warm one up in a conventional oven, but it’s still not recommended:

  • Firstly, heating buckwheat hulls under most circumstances will result in a reduction of moisture they contain, causing them to become more brittle (broken, flat hulls are less than ideal for use in a pillow).
  • Second, and most importantly, while buckwheat pillows are not flammable, if it sits forgotten in a oven with the temperature high enough, it will eventually begin to smoke. Buckwheat smells great, but not when it’s charred.
  • Finally, buckwheat hulls do not effectively retain or conduct heat, so it won’t work very well anyway.

A buckwheat hull pillow is great for keeping you at a comfortable temperature without any heating or cooling tricks, so we recommend keeping it out of the kitchen and on your bed.

Have You Tried a Buckwheat Pillow?

If not, I recommend you give our Hullo buckwheat pillow a try—stay the cool side of the pillow all night! Coolness aside, you’ll appreciate that buckwheat hull fill will perfectly conform to your head and neck providing you support for your head and neck that traditional pillows simply cannot match. Don’t take my word for it — check out these customer reviews.

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