What Are the Benefits of a Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat Pillo

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It took me a long time to realize just how important a pillow can be to a good night’s sleep. I grew up with traditional soft pillows and always assumed that I was getting the best rest I could. I thought any pillow was sufficient—get a well-made one by a reputable brand and I’d be able to get my rest.

Then a friend introduced me to buckwheat pillows. He enthusiastically told me that his new purchase was “the best pillow ever.” Though skeptical, he convinced me to order a small buckwheat pillow. When it arrived, I was surprised. It was hefty: about 4 pounds. I unzipped the pillowcase and found it full of thousands of tiny buckwheat hulls, which are the by-product of milling the buckwheat plant for its nutritious groats.

I admit that I didn’t take to this interesting pillow immediately. In fact, it took awhile for me to truly appreciate it. I’m really glad I didn’t toss it aside after the first night because I fell in love with it. Now when I go away on vacation, the hotel’s pillows feel mediocre-hot, squishy and impossible to get positioned “just right.”

The Benefits of a Buckwheat Pillow

Neck pain from sleeping wrong

If your pillow doesn’t keep your head at the correct level, it is likely you will experience back and neck pain.

1. Buckwheat pillows offer support that’s superior to traditional pillows.

Your pillow’s job is to comfortably support your head and neck, elevating them off your mattress. This keeps your spine in what’s called “neutral alignment.” Neutral alignment helps to keep all the bits and pieces in your back in in their ideal positions, preventing unnecessary pressure on your discs, muscles and nerves.  The right pillow will provide the support needed to maintain a neutral sleeping position all night without readjustment, allowing you to get the best rest possible.

Ideal head and neck support is accomplished with:

  • proper elevation of your head. Your head isn’t positioned too high or too low, preventing uncomfortable bends and twists in your spine.
  • even distribution of your head’s weight. Your head’s mass is uniformly spread across the pillow’s surface; there are no uncomfortable pressure points.
  • consistent fill density.  Your pillow’s fill will not collapse or flatten under the pressure of your body, keeping your head and neck consistently aligned.

I’d never considered this stuff in such detail before, but my new buckwheat pillow made me realize what “support” truly means.

A buckwheat pillow’s adjustable loft makes it perfect for everyone.

It’s quite likely that any non-adjustable pillow you buy will be either too thick or thin for you. Fortunately most buckwheat pillows allow you to adjust the thickness, or loft, by adding or removing fill through a zippered opening (don’t get a buckwheat pillow without it). It doesn’t matter what size you are or what sleeping position your prefer, a buckwheat pillow can support your head at the correct elevation. You’ll be able to fine-tune the loft so that your head and neck are positioned just right.

A buckwheat pillow will conform perfectly to the shape of your head, evenly supporting your head’s weight.

Most pillows cannot not support your head as completely as a buckwheat pillow. A buckwheat pillow’s unique fill will accommodate the shape of your head and neck precisely. Its malleable character allows it to evenly distribute your head’s weight eliminating pain-causing pressure points. The individual buckwheat hulls’ irregular shape causes friction between them that enables the pillow to hold its shape. They’re sort of like a bean bag that doesn’t collapse on itself.

Buckwheat pillows provide firm comfortable support you just have to try for yourself.

A buckwheat pillow won’t collapse in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately most traditional soft pillows like down will slowly flatten out under the weight of your head while you sleep. This will result in an uncomfortable downward bend in your neck. Folding your pillow in half is popular solution, but this often creates the opposite problem: an upward bend in your neck. Continually re-fluffing or adjusting your in the middle of the night to get a bit more loft (thickness) out of your pillow, isn’t the best way to sleep.

If your pillow isn’t providing consistent support that lasts all night long, it’s not letting you get the best rest you can get.

no flipping to the cool side of the pillow required

A breathable pillow is a cool pillow.

2. Buckwheat pillows stay cool all night long.

Repeatedly flipping to the cool side of the pillow in the middle of the night isn’t the way to sleep! Down, foam and other pillow types retain body heat and can quickly become hot and uncomfortable.

Buckwheat pillows’ cooling ability is due to the breathable nature of buckwheat hull fill:

  • Moisture collects on your skin and inside your pillow while you sleep. The unique shape of the individual buckwheat hulls inside the pillow allows air to flow more freely through the pillow, aiding the evaporation of that moisture. The evaporation produces a cooling effect similar to a fan’s.
  • Buckwheat hull fill allows warm humid air absorbed from your body to quickly escape the pillow, preventing uncomfortable heat build-up.

3. Buckwheat pillows are all-natural and biodegradable. Safe for you and the environment.

Many popular pillow types contain polyurethane or polyester foam that can emit toxins and carcinogens that aren’t good for you or our environment. There’s no sense in risking your health or filling our landfills with potentially toxic waste!

The comfort of buckwheat pillows comes with no strings attached.

Buckwheat pillows are safe for your family and the environment. Buckwheat crops benefit little from chemical fertilizers, thus it is free of many of the contaminants that are present in other crop types. Buckwheat hulls are compostable, which helps to reduce unnecessary waste in our landfills and keeps our soil healthy and nutrient rich for future generations. Additionally, buckwheat pillows contain no animal products for those interested in a vegan lifestyle.

No single pillow is right for everyone.

I think buckwheat pillows are fantastic, but they’re not for everyone. We’ve sold a lot of buckwheat pillows over the years, so I have some good insight into the genuine issues that some people have with them:

Consider trying Hullo buckwheat pillow.

If you’ve decided a buckwheat pillow is worth giving a shot, please consider our product, Hullo™. We think it’s the best buckwheat pillow available, but don’t take my word for it, check out these customer reviews.

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