United States

American-Made Quality

I have owed a buckwheat hull pillow for a decade or so, it was just time to replace. My last pillow was purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, to discover they NO longer sale B-hull bed pillows. Searching the web yielded little results for sales in America, by Americans.

I liked how Hullo included the net weight of buckwheat hulls of 10lbs. (other sites were vague). Hullo has a flat cost which gave me a local feel (not burdening me with other cost). There seems to be an American country farm feel to the site with it’s simplicity, feeling as if I am being patriotic just for making a purchase. Felt so good, I had to buy others. LOL!

Shipped quick! You know it comes from your farm lands.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.