Joel McIntosh
  Austin, TX

Great for Side Sleepers

The Hullo is a really great pillow especially for someone like me who sleeps on their side. It supports my head and neck throughout the night.

Stability … Once you get this pillow in the right position, it stays in that position most of the night … no need to reposition it periodically.

Heat … This pillow dissipates heat really nicely. It remains at a comfortable temperature all night.

Noise … The deal is that you do hear it right at first, but once you settle in, the pillow is silent. My first night, I tried the pillow for a minute and decided I would return it because of the noise. I gave it a second chance (and a little more time) on night two. Once I settled in, the pillow was silent. At this point, I don’t hear the noise at all.

Weight … this sucker is a little heavy, so don’t plan on traveling with it. I’m going to be taking a two week trip this month, and I’m really bummed that my Hullo pillow will not be coming with me.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.