Read the 60 Night Trial Prior to Purchasing if You Aren’t Sure You’ll Like It


  • Pillow arrived exactly as advertised within a few days from shipping
  • Plenty of filling in the pillow, and the pillow casing itself seems to be made of good quality
  • Pillow stayed cool throughout the night


  • Most uncomfortable week of sleep in my entire life, woke up with horrific neck and back pain. Removing hulls each night helped slightly, but even with the pillow at 1/3 of its initial loft, it was extremely firm.
  • Refund policy. Although they offer a 60 night trial window, when you purchase the pillow it states:
    “If you are not satisfied with Hullo for any reason, send it back to us and we’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked.”This wording is different than the wording on the 60 Night Trial page which states:
    “Shipping charges for returned products are the responsibility of the purchaser and are not covered by our free shipping policy.”

    If I had read that page first and known that the refund would be minus the return shipping cost, I would have purchased a buckwheat pillow from another company that had a more favorable return policy. I would have appreciated the return/refund policy being clearer, but I suppose that is my fault for not reading the 60 night trial page prior to purchasing.

It is exactly as advertised and feels like sleeping on a pile of sand or a beanbag, as others have mentioned. For $90+, consider putting your head on a beanbag or sandbag for a few nights and see if you like how that feels before purchasing. Be sure you read the entirety of the 60 night trial page so you are aware of the terms.