What Are the Disadvantages of Buckwheat Pillows?

Have you ever tried sleeping on a buckwheat pillow? I’m going to guess the answer is “no.” And it’s your skepticism of these odd pillows that brings you to this page.

I too was very skeptical when I first tried a buckwheat pillow. It actually took me several weeks to really get used to it. Now, I love them so much that I manufacture and sell them (go ahead, click the Hullo logo up there in the corner!).

I’m a little biased, but…

I’ll grudgingly accept that the disadvantages of buckwheat pillows are legitimate!

As much as we’d like to wow every single customer, it doesn’t always work out that way. Some of our customers return their buckwheat pillows. From this return data, I have gathered an accurate perspective of consumers’ criticisms. 90% of issues can be categorized into three groups.

An unzipped Hullo buckwheat pillow

Buckwheat Pillow Disadvantage 1:

They make a rustling sound when moved.

Buckwheat pillows’ filling isn’t as quiet as most most traditional pillows’. Buckwheat hulls make a gentle rustling sound when moved. Their rough edges brush against one another resulting in this sound.

Some find this distracting. Those sensitive to noise usually adjust within a few nights. Most, myself included, aren’t bothered by it at all. In fact, some reviewers report that they find the sound soothing.

It’s worth noting that the noise that buckwheat hulls make decreases over time as the hulls break in and their rough edges round off. After a few of months, some buckwheat pillows (depending on the type of hull filling used) become significantly quieter.

Buckwheat Pillow Disadvantage 2:

They’re too firm for some.

It’s true, buckwheat pillows are certainly “firm.” They’re about as firm as pillows come. Those acclimated to soft, squishy traditional pillows might be surprised when they first try to sleep on a buckwheat pillow. They can initially feel too firm to the uninitiated.

Too many people immediately disqualify all firm pillows. I suppose for good reason… most firm pillows are uncomfortable! That’s because most aren’t malleable or moldable. They’re filled with hard loafs of foam or latex. Or they’re stuffed very tightly with feathers/down. These firm pillow types can’t be squished into that shape that just “feels right.”

Unfortunately, a non-malleable pillow that doesn’t conform to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders can feel like a rock.

Buckwheat pillows are different from most firm pillow types — they’re extremely malleable. It will change shape to perfectly fit the shape of your head, neck and shoulders, evenly distributing weight. Your head’s mass is uniformly spread across the pillow’s surface. Your head is comfortably cradled without any pain-causing pressure points.

Still, some people don’t want that; they prefer a very soft pillow.

Buckwheat Pillow Disadvantage 3:

They are not lightweight.

A 20×26″ buckwheat pillow weighs around 9 pounds, which is pretty hefty compared to most traditional pillows.

Very few customers find issue with the weight of buckwheat pillows, but it does come up. Some struggle with putting the pillow cases on and off or moving their pillow around.

Unfortunately some customers immediately request to return their buckwheat pillow without even opening the packaging.

Buckwheat pillows are very different from what some expect a pillow to be. Because of this, many first-time users form negative impressions as soon as the pillow arrives in the mail. Give it a chance!

Buckwheat pillows definitely take some getting used to. I wasn’t convinced my first one would work for me, because it was so different from the squishy soft pillows I’d grown up with. Thankfully, I acclimated and I sleep better than ever.

Wait! What about the ADVANTAGES of buckwheat pillows?

I’ve told you all about the disadvantages of buckwheat pillows… Let’s not forget about their benefits! Read More: The 3 Benefits of a Buckwheat Pillow (What Convinced Me to Switch)

buckwheat pillow
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