Getting Started with Buckwheat Pillows

Are you the owner of a new buckwheat pillow? Congratulations – We think that tonight you’ll enjoy a restful sleep. Here are some important things you should know as you get started:

1. Adjust the Fill

Depending on your personal preference, you may want to adjust the amount of fill in your pillow. The amount of fill influences both the pillow’s thickness and malleability. We want to ensure you have enough fill, so our pillows ship fully-stuffed. You can learn how to adjust the fill of your buckwheat pillow in 3 easy steps. Once you dial in your preferred amount of fill, you can fully enjoy the benefits of your personally adjusted pillow.

2. Use a Pillow Case

Like any bed pillow, we recommend you insert your pillow into a standard pillow case (zipper down) to protect it from oils, dust and dirt. Of course, when you’d like to wash your pillow, simply empty the hulls into a storage bag and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Hullo’s certified organic cotton twill cover can be washed with a mild laundry detergent and air dried.

3. Plump and Sleep Well

Use your hands to plump up your pillow before you nestle your head into it, making sure you the space beneath your neck is being supported by the pillow. As you rest your head on your new buckwheat hull pillow, listen to the soothing sounds of the buckwheat hulls and enjoy how it perfectly supports your neck and head. Take a deep breath and relax, knowing with proper care a well-made buckwheat hull pillow can last many years. May we recommend Hullo?

If you have any questions about Hullo, or buckwheat hull pillows in general, feel free to contact us at We’re also available to answer your questions on Facebook and Twitter.

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