What Is Buckwheat?

One of the most common questions from our customers is, “What is buckwheat?” Buckwheat, or Fagopyrum tataricum, is a hearty plant bearing three sided grain-like seeds. At maturity it stands at between 2 and 4 feet… Read More 

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How to Sleep in

How to Sleep in: Better Rest in 6 Steps

Sleeping in late feels fantastic! After a long week, treating yourself to a well-deserved indulgence is not hard to justify. Work, children, and other responsibilities can put a real damper on life’s cheapest luxury: sleep. Too often, we deprive… Read More 

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Latex pillow hole pattern

A Latex Pillow Review: Rubbery Rest

Latex pillows have recently become quite popular. Consumers consistently rate latex pillows more favorably than traditional pillow types like down or foam. I’ve become something of a pillow connoisseur in recent years and I decided it was… Read More 

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Buckwheat Pillow Gift

The Gift of Good Sleep

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, so don’t wait until the last moment to do your shopping! Need a little help with your gift list this year? I’ve got a great idea for you that will make… Read More 

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King Size Buckwheat Pillow

Live Large with a King Size Buckwheat Pillow

There are few things as awesome as falling into bed after a long, tiring day and laying your head on that perfect pillow. While the term “perfect” is different for everyone, you know exactly what… Read More 

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Buckwheat Travel Pillow

Take a Buckwheat Travel Pillow on Your Next Vacation

Sleepers all over the world are enjoying the benefits of buckwheat hull pillows for a restful night’s sleep. Buckwheat hull fill makes pillows pliable, without sacrificing the support necessary to keep consumers healthy. As buckwheat pillows have… Read More 

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Kids' Pillows

Safe and Comfortable Pillows for Kids

A very important part of your child’s health is her sleep. Children need plenty of quality sleep in order to grow and a lack of it can lead to cognitive and behavioral issues. A school-age child needs roughly… Read More 

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