Buckwheat Pillow Gift

The Gift of Good Sleep

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, so don’t wait until the last moment to do your shopping! Need a little help with your gift list this year? I’ve got a great idea for you that will make… Read More 

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King Size Buckwheat Pillow

Live Large with a King Size Buckwheat Pillow

There are few things as awesome as falling into bed after a long, tiring day and laying your head on that perfect pillow. While the term “perfect” is different for everyone, you know exactly what… Read More 

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Buckwheat Travel Pillow

Take a Buckwheat Travel Pillow on Your Next Vacation

Sleepers all over the world are enjoying the benefits of buckwheat hull pillows for a restful night’s sleep. Buckwheat hull fill makes pillows pliable, without sacrificing the support necessary to keep consumers healthy. As buckwheat pillows have… Read More 

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Kids' Pillows

Safe and Comfortable Pillows for Kids

A very important part of your child’s health is her sleep. Children need plenty of quality sleep in order to grow and a lack of it can lead to cognitive and behavioral issues. A school-age child needs roughly… Read More 

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Sobakawa Pillow

What Is a Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow?

There’s nothing worse than sleeping on the WRONG pillow. You know what I’m talking about—that pillow that’s too thick, too slim, too heavy, too light, too dense, not dense enough, or just too hot.… Read More 

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So Many Types of Pillows!

Types of Pillows: The Definitive Guide

Have you seen all the funky types of pillows out there? There are so many products available that pillow shopping can be overwhelming. Memory foam, down, microbead, even water pillows are an option in today’s saturated market.… Read More