Meg G
  New Kensington, PA

Will Never Use Anything Else

I rarely wake up with stiff shoulders / neck in all the years I’ve used to type of pillow. It’s cooler, keeps it’s form until you change it and is excellent for helping me sleep better. I even took it to the hospital when I was in for 8 days because the ones provided were polyester filled and I couldn’t get comfortable; the fill kept sinking and caused me neck stiffness on the first night. Even tried memory foam types but they were very hot and not very pliable to move around the way  the ones I made with these hulls are.

I’ve recommended this site to several people through the years and all have been converts to switching over from their usual type to the buckwheat hulls. These also last much longer so are cost effective versus replacing flattened other fill pillows.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.