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You Had Me at Hullo

I have tried several different types of pillows in my lifetime because of various orthopedic problems and desperation for non narcotic pain and insomnia relief you name it i’ve probably tried it and as a child in the mid 90’s my occupational therapy suggested to my parents i try a buckwheat pillow and it was great no more insomnia no more pain etc.etc. the problem was as the years went by the hulls eventually as they do broke down/flatten etc and there was no way to replace the hulls the casing had no zipper so unfortunately and regrettably at the time we threw it away thinking we’ll just order a new one from the therapy catalogue we had no computers back then let alone a way to online shop come to find out the company we got the first one from went out of business so i reverted back to my foam pillow and various feather cotton and so on  fast forward to about 20 years later about a year ago i started having severe episodes of insomnia and pain again remembering the comfort and relief i had with my good ol’ buckwheat pillow and this being the 21st century i decided to see if i could buy one online and bingo came across an asian company that sells king size for about 40 bucks a piece vs hullo’s price and i thinking buckwheat pillows are all the same and could save a few bucks went with the cheaper brand BIG mistake the case was so thin and stitching weak but worst off was the pesticide fumes it gave off which gave me migraines every time i slept on it because it had to be fumigated prior to being imported to the u.s.a long story short you get what you pay for and if you want a high quality if not the highest quality buckwheat pillow made in the U.S.A get a hullo

say hello to hullo then goodnight lol

p.s. i just wish a few things like the prices could be just a little lower without lowering quality or you had the choice between buckwheat or millet hulls and you could buy just the case as a spare incase something happens to the other like if it ever needs to be washed etc

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.