Deep Pressure Stimulation: The Comfort Secret in Sleep Products

Deep Pressure Stimulation

What is Deep Pressure Stimulation?

Imagine the serene and cozy feeling of waking under a heavy down comforter on a winter morning. That sense of relaxation isn’t just from the warmth; it’s a result of the weight of the blanket. The consistent and even pressure on your body affects your nervous system, a phenomenon known as Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS).

Deep Pressure Stimulation involves applying a firm yet gentle pressure to the body. This pressure activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This phenomena has been developed into a therapeutic tool that has been proven to foster a calmer, happier state of mind and can notably improve sleep quality.

Deep Pressure Stimulation can:

  • boost “happy hormone”‘ serotonin levels,
  • reduce the “stress hormone” cortisol, and
  • increase melatonin,  which is involved in synchronizing circadian rhythms, including sleep

Whether through holding, hugging, squeezing, or swaddling, DPS can make individuals feel more relaxed and ready for rest, enhancing their overall sleep experience. Initially designed to help individuals with sensory processing disorders like ADHD, DPS has now found broad applications in commercial products for the general populace.

DPS in Sleep Products: Weighted Blankets and Pillows

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are the most popular DPS products in the sleep industry. Designed to be 10-12% of your body weight, these blankets provide a distributed pressure across your body, offering the therapeutic benefits of DPS. Users often report feeling more secure and calm, leading to quicker sleep onset and fewer nighttime awakenings.

An unzipped buckwheat hull pillow
An unzipped Hullo pillow reveals its buckwheat hull filling.

Weighted Pillows

Weighted pillows are filled with dense materials like buckwheat hulls, offering both comfort and versatility. Ideal for both sleep and daytime relaxation, they bring a soothing presence to any space. Like weighted blankets, they apply an even and consistent pressure that can soothe tension when held close.

Additionally, buckwheat pillows excel in their traditional role as bed pillows.

The natural firmness and adaptability of the buckwheat hull filling conforms perfectly to the shape of your head and neck, providing personalized support that lasts all night. Buckwheat pillows’ unique characteristics help in reducing common issues like neck pain and stiffness.

the right pillow allows for a neutral sleeping position

Eco-Friendly and Natural Options

For individuals looking for natural and eco-friendly options to enhance their sleep, buckwheat pillows are a great choice. These pillows resonate with principles of sustainable living, making them a well-rounded, environmentally conscious option for improved sleep.

Embrace Restful Nights

Incorporating Deep Pressure Stimulation into your nightly routine with products like weighted blankets and buckwheat pillows can significantly enhance your sleep quality. As we become more aware of the essential role sleep plays in our overall health, turning to these innovative, natural, and eco-friendly solutions is a smart and effective choice for improving restfulness.