Positioning Pillows: Settle in with a Simple Solution

man wakes up with back pain

This guy might benefit from a little experimentation with positioning pillows.

There’s a large market of sleep products called positioning pillows. Positioning pillows do exactly as their name implies. They help to hold your body in whatever position is deemed comfortable and/or beneficial to sleep. Most of these products are made from polyurethane or polyester foam. They are generally covered with a simple bleached cotton shell.

There are hundreds of different designs. Some are wedge shaped and are designed to elevate your torso slightly and others are cylindrical for elevating your knees. Many unique configurations are available, each designed for a specific purpose. You can’t rest our head on too many positioning pillow types-their odd shapes won’t conform to your neck and head.

Being every product so unique, it can be hard to find the one that works well for you. Thus it’s helpful to purchase a multi-use product; something that’s designed for different use scenarios. Experimentation is key when it comes to sleep position. Something versatile will allow you to try different positions and discover what works best for you.

The Ultimate Positioning Pillows?

Is there a catch-all perfect product? Unfortunately no, but we think buckwheat pillows work very well for most contexts. The buckwheat hull fill consists of thousands of hulls with irregular edges that grip each other. This unique characteristic of the buckwheat hulls makes it ideal for use as fill. It allows the pillow will hold and retain its shape, which is fantastic for use as a traditional pillow, but also works exceptionally well as a positioning pillow.

Use one or more buckwheat pillows to:

  • support your upper body at an angle for reading or sleeping.
  • elevate your knees for reduction of lower back pain or leg swelling.
  • provide lateral support to prevent you from rolling over (this can be a very useful tip for when learning to sleep on your back).

Buckwheat pillows are a terrific natural alternative to the many expensive specialized positioning pillows for sale today. If you’re in the market for one, give a buckwheat pillow a try and if it doesn’t work specifically as a positioning pillow, toss it under your head!