5 Great Sleep Gifts for the Difficult to Please

Woman receives sleep gifts

“Is this one of those memory foam mattresses that expands when you open the box?”

Practical sleep gifts will satisfy everyone on your list.

Everyone can agree: deep, restful sleep is wonderful! When you’re tired, nothing feels better than a little shut-eye in a comfortable bed. Sleep is good— so good that we happily snooze about a third of our lives away. Being that the case, anything that can improve upon our time resting in bed makes a great gift.

To make shopping a little easier, we’ve compiled a few ideas:

Sleep Gift 1. Latex Mattress

In recent years the number of online mattress retailers has exploded, giving consumers lots of good options. Most offer generous return policies allowing their products to be tried in your own home, helping consumers ensure they find the right mattress. We recommend avoiding memory foams due to the unfortunate issues surrounding off-gassing. Instead, look for all-natural latex mattresses (vs a blend of latex and synthetic material).

Sleep Gift 2. Organic Percale Weave Bedding Sheet Set

A fresh new bedding set can make anyone’s bed more comfortable. It’s a matter of aesthetic preference to most, but we prefer both the look and feel of percale weaves over sateen. The textures are quite different: percale has a crisp texture and a matte appearance, while a sateen weave feels smoother and has a sheen to it. Percale has an advantage in the warmer months of the year; it is more breathable than sateen, allowing the warm humid air generated by your body to escape your bedding.

We recommend organic cottons over non-certified varieties. Look for products utilizing cotton responsibly produced under certification like OEKO-TEX.

Sleep Gift 3. Colored LED Lighting (and Smart Home Automation)

Phillips introduced network controlled colored LED lights, but there now are many alternatives available from other retailers like IKEA. These unique bulbs’ color and brightness is almost infinitely adjustable using a mobile application. In addition, elaborate and fun automation can be created with Google Home, Alexa, or Apple HomeKit.

Set up a colored LED light or two in a bedroom. With some creative automation it’s easy to:

  • set the mood for bedtime reading with an incandescent hue.
  • create an automated morning scene to coincide with an alarm clock: bring the lights up with a reddish tint that slowly increases in brightness and simulates sunrise.
  • make kids’ bedtime a little more magical by transforming their room to match bedtime stories.

Sleep Gift 4. Blackout Curtains

We all enjoy sleeping in occasionally. Doing so is difficult when light is streaming in the bedroom window. Stay well-rested with curtains that keep the light out. Extra-cool: motorized blinds that can be automated in conjunction with colored LED lighting.

hullo buckwheat pillowsSleep Gift 5. Buckwheat Pillow

What’s a buckwheat pillow? They’re totally different than the soft squishy pillows most of us are accustomed to. A buckwheat pillow’s unique and firm support can’t be matched by traditional pillows. The buckwheat hull filling will perfectly conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing comfortable support all night long. Buckwheat pillows also allow air to move freely though your pillow, preventing uncomfortable heat build up. Sleep on the cool side of the pillow all night long!

We sell these things. What a coincidence! 😉

Try our buckwheat pillow, Hullo, for 60 nights. If it’s not for you, ship it back to us it for a refund.