A Great Gift for Men

a present wrapped in blue paper with a bowInstead of ties, tools, golf clubs or gadgets, give the gift of great sleep. Read below to learn how our simple natural pillow is a great gift for men.

Top 10 Reasons Hullo Makes a Great Gift for Men:

  1. Men Love to Sleep

    Let’s face it, sleep is one thing most men can’t get enough of. Anything that can help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer is a gift they will remember for years to come.

  2. Hullo Is Tough & Rugged

    Hullo is built to last. Our durable cotton twill cover, reinforced seams and heavyweight hidden zipper mean that with proper care, Hullo will last many years with proper care.

  3. Hullo Is Simple

    Just like the man in your life, Hullo is simple; Unbleached cotton twill cover, durable zipper, and the finest buckwheat hulls we could find. Like fine wine and cheese, some of the best things in life use only a few basic ingredients.

  4. Hullo Is Adjustable

    Most men like to tinker with things to get them just right. Hullo’s hidden zipper allows them the ability to add or remove hulls and adjust the pillow to their desired thickness.

  5. Hullo Stays Cool

    There’s nothing worse than having to flip your pillow over and over throughout the night to keep your head cool. Hullo’s all natural filling allows air to circulate through the pillow keeping it cool all night long.

  6. Hullo Has a Sensitive Side

    While being a tough and durable product, Hullo is also sensitive to touch and conforms perfectly to your head and neck. As you move throughout the night the pillow adjusts to your every move.

  7. Hullo Can Relieve Neck and Back Pain

    Whether he works in construction or sits behind a computer all day, neck and back pain can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep at night. Hullo’s buckwheat hull fill conforms to the shape of your head and neck and allows for proper alignment of the spine which can reduce neck and back pain.

  8. Hullo Works Great as a Wedge

    If he reads or watches TV in bed, Hullo makes a great wedge with firm support.

  9. Hullo Is All Natural

    Unlike most pillows, From the 100% organic cotton twill case, to the carefully sourced buckwheat hulls, Hullo contains no chemicals or animal products.

  10. Hullo is Made in U.S.A

    We support American farmers and manufacturers. Our buckwheat pillows are Made in the U.S.A. with the finest materials available.

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