Sleep Better with Yoga

Looking for ways to help you sleep better? According to a recent study by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School yoga is a multicomponent practice that is known to be effective… Read More 

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“We sleep one third of our lives away.”
–Albert Einstein

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Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

According to Kansas State University, about one-third of adults report having difficulty sleeping at any one time. Here are few suggestions for getting a good night’s rest: Drink a Cup of Chamomile Tea Have… Read More 

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Pillows Made in USA?

When we set out on our mission to make the best buckwheat pillow we knew that we wanted to support American farmers and businesses. We looked far and wide for the best materials and manufacturers.… Read More 

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”
–Homer, The Odyssey

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Preshool Snoring Linked to Behavioral Issues

Toddler Snoring Linked with Behavioral Issues

Toddler Snoring? Personally I’d never heard a child snore, but my wife knows a family that struggles with this issue. Their child consistently sleeps on his back and sometimes can snore quite loudly. At this… Read More 

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Stress and Sleep

Stress and Sleep

Have you laid awake at night worrying about the future when you should be sleeping? It’s a known fact that stress can modify sleep-wakefulness cycles. Sleep is critical to proper brain function – no… Read More 

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“Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep.” –Mahatma Gandhi

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