Pillow Filling Adjustments for Buckwheat Pillows

When you first open the zipper of your pillow to access the pillow filling, you’ll notice the buckwheat hulls are light and airy. The thought of adjusting the hulls without making a mess can be intimidating but the process is really quite easy and when done properly the risk of spills can be minimized. Here’s how to adjust the fill of your buckwheat pillow in 3 easy steps:

What you need:
– Cup
– Storage bag (1 gallon ziplock bags work well)

Step 1: Set your pillow down with the zipper facing up, so the pillow filling does not spill.

Unzip to access the buckwheat pillow filling

Step 2: Open the zipper and carefully scoop hulls into a storage bag.

Buckwheat pillow filling is easy adjusted.

Step 3: After every ½ gallon close the zipper, and plump the pillow filling with your hands testing for the desired thickness. The amount of pillow filling determines the thickness of your pillow. Adjust the filling to personal preference or to accommodate your sleeping position.

Buckwheat pillows are a great pillow for neck pain. In order to maintain proper spinal alignment while sleeping and avoid neck pain, side sleepers will generally have a more full pillow and may only need to remove up to 1 gallon, if any hulls. Back sleepers vary and stomach sleepers may need to remove 2-5 gallons of buckwheat hulls from their pillow.