Chris Peters
  United States

Neck Saver

I’m a toss and turner. Before the Hullo I would wake up with a sore neck from a the pillow being too soft and flat or too tall and firm. With Hullo I can adjust it to find that comfort sweet spot. If it’s not right I’ll wake up and either flatten the pillow or “fluff” it up. I now toss and turn less and wake up feeling better.  And I love not needing to turn the pillow over to the cool side.

One side benefit I found. My kids and I like to have pillow fights. Which are not so good for keeping your pillows in shape. The Hullo doesn’t participate in the pillow fights, not because I don’t want to ruin my favorite and valuable pillow, it’s because the kids (their little) say it’s too heavy!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.