Choosing the Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Experts say this stomach sleeper’s breasts will sag prematurely.

Are you among the 16% of Americans that sleeps on your stomach? Most sleep experts will tell you to try acclimating yourself to another sleep position. Sleeping on your stomach with a pillow can cause your head to be pushed upward at an uncomfortable angle. In addition, you’ll have to keep your head turned to one side or the other all night which  can cause neck strains (breathing into your pillow is no fun, after all).

Unfortunately, while on your stomach, it’s very difficult to maintain a neutral sleeping position that allows your spine and neck to be aligned.

Stomach sleeping causes increased pressure on joints and muscles which can cause uneccessary soreness or numbness.  Sleeping on your stomach can even cause wrinkles and s aggy breasts!

You should try to sleep in another position if it’s possible. That said, we sleep the way we do because that’s what is comfortable. If you’re content on your stomach, then make the most it.

What Can a Stomach Sleeper Do to Get Better Rest?

A very simple technique that works for some: try sleeping with no pillow at all. This will achieve something close to a neutral sleeping position, keeping your spine parallel to the mattress.

If it doesn’t feel right, then you’ll want to find a pillow that has a low profile so that it doesn’t elevate your head too high. Some pillow manufacturers have specially designed stomach sleeper pillows. Most of these are quite simply thin pillows, but some others offer wild features like special arm tunnels. The unique designs should be judged with skepticism; try these before you buy if possible.

What’s the Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow?

My recommendation is that you try a pillow that allows its fill to be added or removed to adjust the profile and amount of support. Buckwheat pillows work great for stomach sleepers; most high-quality ones have zippered shells for adjusting the amount of buckwheat hull fill. Read more: Sleeping Position and Buckwheat Pillows

If you’re intent on staying on your stomach, then make the most it. First try sleeping with no pillow and if that doesn’t work out, do some deliberate and careful shopping for a new pillow. The best stomach sleeper pillow will provide you sufficient support for both your head and neck without elevating it too much. Above all, it’ll simply be comfortable.


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