Hotel Pillow Menus Offer a Great Way to Try Different Pillow Types

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The next time you check into a hotel, ask if they have buckwheat pillows on their pillow menu.

Hotels and resorts around the world are adding pillow menus as a way to cater to individual needs and indulge their guests. This is great news for those of us who sleep on unique pillow types like buckwheat pillows. It’s a also a great opportunity for those interested in trying a new type of pillowHotel pillow menus are usually free of charge and include several options.

Common Pillow Types on a Typical Hotel Pillow Menu

  • Aromatic Pillow: pillows infused with herbs, potpourri, oils or other aromatic ingredients that can have soothing and calming effects on the nerves and rejuvenate the senses. Some sleep inducing ingredients you may find in an aromatic pillow are hops, chamomile, valerian, skullcap, and lavender which can help promote restful sleep.
  • Body Pillow: body pillows are as long as a full adult body, providing support to the head and neck at the top and to the knees and legs lower down. This type of pillow can be especially useful in providing support for those who sleep on their sides and for pregnant women.
  • Buckwheat Pillow: popular throughout asia and filled with buckwheat hulls, this natural pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck and stays cool all night. Many buckwheat pillows are designed with a zipper that allow you to add or remove hulls and adjust the pillow to your desired thickness.
  • Microbead Pillow: based on traditional buckwheat pillows, these pillows are filled with over 10 million synthetic microbeads or “air beads.” The microbeads allow for air circulation which can help keep the pillow cool. Mircobead pillows are an ergonomically designed, contoured pillow with a crescent shape.
  • Down or Feather Pillow: these are the most common pillows you will find at a hotel. Filled with feathers from the back, wing, and chests of geese and ducks, down pillows are typically very plush, soft and warm.
  • Maternity Pillow: usually wedges or full body pillows that support the belly and lower back, while helping to align the hips, all with the goal of alleviating the stress of pregnancy.
  • Memory Foam Pillow: developed by NASA as an aircraft cushion, this polyurethane foam is pressure-sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it, returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed. When new, some memory foam pillows give off a distinct chemical odor so you may want to check it out before committing to sleep on one all night.
  • Music or Sound Pillow: can allow users to enjoy their favorite music or sounds in optimal relaxation and comfort. High quality stereo sound comes from two virtually undetectable speakers with a plug that fits most modern audio/electronic devices. Some sound pillows come with mp3 players pre-loaded with relaxing soundscapes that can help relax the brain and body so you can easily fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

The next time you make a reservation online or check-in to a hotel look for a pillow menu. If you want a pillow that’s not synthetic or animal fill, don’t be afraid to ask for an all natural alternative. When available, we recommend a quality buckwheat pillow.