Hullo Coupon: Where Can I Get One?

Save up to $20 on each additional Hullo. Hullo offers the same money-saving promotion all year, every year. You don’t need a coupon or a code to redeem it. It’s simple. Add a pillow to your cart and… Read More 

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photo of buckwheat hulls

When Should I Replace My Buckwheat Pillow’s Filling?

Some manufacturers claim that buckwheat pillows will last ten years or longer. I think that’s a bit generous. A high-quality organic fabric case with durable stitching and a heavy-duty zipper like Hullo’s can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, a buckwheat hull pillow’s… Read More 

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Cotton Pillow

Is a Cotton Pillow Better than a Down Pillow?

I’ve been manufacturing and selling pillows for many years. In an effort to make the best products possible, I’m consistently buying and testing different types. I thought I’d tried almost everything, but recently someone… Read More 

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