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Hullo is an adjustable pillow in two ways: First, the zipper on the organic cotton case allows you to adjust the amount of buckwheat fill to suit your preference. Second, the buckwheat fill allows you to adjust the shape and thickness of the pillow. This adjustability helps position your body in the most comfortable and healthy position and keep it that way. Below are reviews mentioning adjustability.

Roanoke, VA

Love It – Did Have to Add Buckwheat

I destroy pillows with my heavy head – they break down in a few weeks.  And I need the pillow to help me avoid snoring.

I have had the Hullo about 3 months.  What a difference.  I did have to add about 8 cups of buckwheat to get the firmness I wanted.  It is really great.  I also have found that after a few weeks, I need to add a cup as I presume some buckwheat either breakdown or lack tighter together.  It has made a significant difference in my sleep.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

April 5, 2020

Chetek, WI

Best Pillow

I LOVE my Hullo.  I have tried many many pillows and this is the best.  You are able to unzip and remove contents of the pillow if you need to make it more comfortable, so this is a one size fits all.  It is very heavy.  Some hotels with a pillow menu are offering buckwheat pillows, but Hullo is by far the best of the buckwheat pillows.  Try it!!!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 31, 2020

New York, NY

Love It

I had to take some filling out to get to the perfect level but I am quite happy with the product.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 11, 2020

Gary Mendese
Lynnfield, MA

Amazing Pillow and Customer Service

The. Best. Pillow. Ever.

I’ve tried them all… cheap, expensive, down feather, synthetic, foam, etc. Even went so far as to spend $250 on a high end memory foam with two-sided gel… none did the trick.

This pillow has it all. It stays cool (a huge factor for me) and maintains its hold/shape. At first it was a little under-filled for me so I requested a little more fill and they provided it to me – and now it’s perfect.

Couldn’t imagine another pillow to be honest!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

February 21, 2020

Ron Lewis
Baltimore, MD

Best Pillow I’ve Tried

Fluffs easily. Supports my head well. Neither hot or cold. Adjustable since you can easily add or remove the filling. Although noisier than other pillows, doesn’t seem noisy at all.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

January 27, 2020

Carolyn Baier
Houston, TX

Love this Pillow!

I usually wake up several times a night but have slept sound all night since I started sleeping on this pillow.  I like it because it’s “adjustable”.  I have cervical dystonia and need support on my neck when I sleep on my side.  The pillow is firm, but very comfortable.  I recommend 100%.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

January 6, 2020

Dave Bloxham
Concord, CA

Worth the Investment

I appreciate the adjustability of this pillow. If you want it high or low, simply shape it and it stays the way you want it. I have neck problems that are pronounced when laying down and it helps me get through the night in comfort. It’s the only one I’ve found that helps.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 2, 2019

Cathy S.
Ocean City, MD


I have used this pillow for about 8 weeks. This pillow keeps it shape, wheather lying on my back or side. I have been trying pillows for the past 20 years or so – feather pillows, foam pillows, Tempur-Pedic pillows, neck tubes, towels rolled behind my neck, and even a My Pillow pillow. We sleep on the Tempur-Pedic mattress, a very supportive mattress, yet still had head/neck issues upon waking.

It did take about a month to get acclimated to the buckwheat hulls in the pillow, at first it felt very hard. Then, after taking out and returning different amounts of buckwheat hulls from and back into the pillow cover, I have reached “my comfort level”. I’d say this pillow has eased about 90% of my discomfort, better than all the other pillows.

A recommendation from Dr. Josh Axe online guided me to try a buckwheat filled pillow. Hullo Pillow company had the best offer and return guarantee I wanted. I am very grateful for this pillow. Give it the 60-day trial, possibly also playing around with the amount of buckwheat hulls to fit your comfort level.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

November 23, 2019

Monica Rae Crane
Blair, NE


More in Love than Before!

I initially already loved this pillow. Changed my life. My only complaint was I wished it was fuller as I found myself shifting a lot through the night to keep it from going flat.

Jasha, with customer service was lightning fast to address that!! Shipped me more hulls to fill my pillow. I used about 3/4 of what was sent and I’m over the moon! First night I have had a solid night’s sleep in a long time!! This pillow is everything.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

February 15, 2019

Flushing, NY

The Best Pillow Ever!

I’ve gone through so many pillows in the past–many of them extremely expensive. Hullo is BY FAR the best pillow I’ve ever tried. My fiancee tried it–and made me buy one just for her!

The pillows are very comfortable, breathable, natural, and allow you to mold them into whatever shape you prefer. Want to sit up? They mold perfectly. Want to lay down? They will cradle your head and neck just perfectly.


I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 10, 2018

United States

Why Did I Waste My Time Looking for a Different Option?

I have been using buckwheat hull pillows for over 15 years and I love them. I had to get rid of my last one that I bought while living abroad. In trying to find a replacement

Initially I ordered one of the ‘original’ ones that was a third of the price of a Hullo, but was woefully underfilled. It was returned.

I then bought a hybrid pillow made of wool and hulls, claiming to be firm. This cost the same as a Hullo pillow, but again, was nowhere near firm. Returning it isn’t worth it so I’ll keep it as a spare pillow.

I decided to shell out for the Hullo and I’m pleased I did. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. It is very well filled so if you want a softer pillow you can adjust it. I’ve used the pillow for 3 nights now and am so happy with it. I wish I hadn’t wasted a month trying to find a cheaper option…

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 29, 2018

Donita Garrett
Union Bridge, MD

My Second Pillow and I Still Love

I received a pillow years ago and wore the sucker out. It was the same price for the amount of hullls needed or a new pillow. New pillow it was! It wasn’t as firm as I would’ve liked and the awesome customer service helped me with it.

I love my pillow! I sleep great and never wake up with a stiff neck.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 18, 2017

United States

Best Sleep

I have had my pillow for about a year now. I love it so much. I sleep better than I ever have and wake up with no neck pain or tension. Whenever I travel I notice the difference and wish I had my Hullo pillow with me. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone. I have tweaked the amount of buckwheat in there by taking about 1.5 mason jars worth out and now it’s perfect for me. I love that it’s customizable that way.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 12, 2017

Kevin Koch
Johnsburg, IL

Best Sleep Ever

Simply a great pillow.

Would recommend getting the extra fill right away, as you will need to adjust to your comfort level.

Nick was excellent and easy to work with.

Thank you.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 11, 2017

United States

My Partner Keeps Stealing My Pillow

It took a bit to get used to my pillow, but after I removed some buckwheat hulls it felt much much more comfortable. Before I get into bed I carve out a little divot for my head, then settle in for a comfortable (and more temperate!) sleep. Thanks so much!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 10, 2017

United States


This company and product are amazing! Not only do they offer a high quality and durable pillow, their customer service is top notch! They stand by their product and truely care about their customers!

This pillow is sustainable and durable. Their buckwheat hulls are clean and allow great for customizing. I will never buy another brand of pillow again!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 10, 2017

Keith Larsen
Winsted, CT

Buckwheat Sweet

I love my Hullo pillow.  It’s a quality product with great comfort and adjustability.  My goal was to find a pillow that would allow me to sleep with a lower head position while still providing maximum support.  The small size pillow (minus two cups of hulls) was the perfect solution!  Now I get a wonderful night’s rest and experience even blood flow throughout my body.  I highly recommend this pillow for people dealing with hypertension.  For me, the Hullo pillow actually has therapeutic value.  It is my go to pillow from now on.  Yes, it’s buckwheat sweet!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 10, 2017

United States

Fabulous Pillow

ADJUSTABILITY I purchased the standard size. Thanks to the instructions, I removed several cups of the filling to make it the perfect thickness for me. The pillow can be molded in so many ways. If you’re a side sleeper, it’s easy to make a little hollow for your ear. No more pressure points causing pain to my ear. It stays in place. It’s going to be heavier than a pillow you may be used to, but that actually turned out to be fine. One note. It is a little noisy as you adjust it, but once done, sleeping is great.

COOL! This pillow sleeps cool even in the summer. My head never feels hot. Nor does it feel cool in the winter. Just right.

RESPONSIBILITY! I was happy to support this small business. Organic natural products are important to me. And free shipping and money back guarantee was a bonus.

I’ve used the pillow for several months and will never go back to other pillows.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 9, 2017

A. Flores
United States

Give it a Shot!

Took a couple of days to find the perfect amount of hulls for me but I’ve been sleeping on the Hullo since and won’t ever go back to any other pillow! I’m a CPAP user and this pillow helps put my head in the proper position to keep my mask from leaking. Definitely will be a customer for a long time!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 9, 2017

United States

A Different Kind of Pillow

The original pillow was too thick but luckily you can change the hull amount to fit your own needs. I took around 8 cups out and it was perfect. I shake it up every morning to air it a bit. You need to adjust the hull position once a night but once it is done I have a good night’s sleep and I wake up without neck or back pain.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 9, 2017

Dave Updegraff
Duluth, MN

Not for Everyone

And not for me. A bit loud an coarse, extremely heavy. I kept removing more and more material until it finally worked after 3/4 of original fill was removed. But it does not fold over well, and the loudness of response when rolling head back and forth proved too much, and I finally emptied it onto the garden compost. Back to simple small feather pillow – better for me.

December 8, 2017

United States

Love the Pillow But Have Recommendations

I searched about the benefits of buckwheat pillow before making the purchase. No complaints there.

The pillow arrived with very less buckwheat. I called hullo and had to wait for more buckwheat to arrive before I can use my pillow. It would be better if they send more to everyone instead of less. The buckwheat crushes with use and I find myself adding more every few months. I recommended to a friend and he also had to wait for more buckwheat to arrive before he can use the pillow.

I like the material of the pillow case but they sewed over the zipper, so I had to remove stitches to unzip the pillow case. Small details but it creates hassle for the customers.

December 8, 2017

United States

Goodbye Sore Neck

I used to wake up frequently with a sore neck and back. That stopped when I started using the Hullo pillow. I’m grateful for the product and for the customer support. I ended up needing additional fill for the pillow and customer support helped me through the process.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

December 7, 2017

Thom Dougherty
Sedona, AZ

Large Zippered Sack, 60% Filled with Black Hulls

The bag/case/pillowcase that the hulls are in should be 60% smaller in order for it to hold the loft, shape and cooling properties of a genuine Japanese Buckwheat pillow. I now need to either manufacture a pillow case with the correct circumference for this pillow or else buy a less expensive but correctly filled and proportioned pillow on another site.

From Hullo: We immediately contacted the customer offering his choice of a full refund, a smaller size pillow, or some extra hulls to fill his pillow. The customer opted for additional hulls to address his concerns.

December 27, 2016