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Read reviews from real customers who describe some level of skepticism when first receiving their Hullo Pillow. We get it! Hullo is a different sleeping experience than most people are used to, and for some it can take a few weeks to “learn” to position and to eventually love the support and adjustability that Hullo offers.

United States

True Relief from Headaches!

I have suffered from years of tension headaches and restless sleep. My chiropractor said that with my overly tense neck muscles it was pertinent to get a new pillow. I tried the temperpedic pillows for a while which only exacerbated my symptoms. My neck was still too small to use these pillows. It wasn’t until I came across Hullo pillows that I’ve experienced relief!!! It was odd at first to get used to sleeping on a buckwheat hull pillow but it truly does what it says it does! Provides support all through the night, even when I want to change sleeping positions. The hulls can make noise as I move positions but it has never bothered me or my husband.

I take this pillow with me everywhere now when I travel and truly believe it’s made a big impact on the amount of headaches I experience. I would recommend this to anyone who’s struggled to find the right pillow. Give it a try, it can make all the difference.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

August 5, 2015

United States

Love My Hullo

Took a while to get used to the noise, and some fine tuning on the amount of fill, but my Hullo pillow is now my guarantee of a good sleep with no stiff neck or shoulders in the morning. I’m a back sleeper and Hullo lets me have neck/cervical support while still letting my head rest just slightly to the side to prevent snoring.

I bought the small size which sideways in a standard pillow case that I then fold in half. To adjust the softness I took out enough hulls that I filled a little pillow that works great as a lap pillow to prop my Kindle or iPad on when I read.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

August 5, 2015

Joe Swords
United States

Better Sleep

I was waking up multiple times a night, having a hard time getting to sleep in the hot summer months, and had very sore shoulders. My wife and I bought a new mattress and Hullo pillows the same week. It took me five or six nights to get used to new pillow, but once I did, it made a huge difference. My neck and shoulders stopped aching. I started falling asleep faster because my head was not getting hot (these dissipate heat very well). And I started sleeping through the night, though that probably has as much to do with the new mattress as the the pillow.

July 17, 2015

Jordan & Cherish
United States

You Can’t Have It Back!

I bought these pillows thinking I would give them an honest go and see how I felt after a few weeks. I figured my wife might not like them and then we’d return them after the trial period. I was very wrong.

She might like them even more than I do, which is saying a lot. In fact, they could set up a service where a person couldn’t purchase them, but rent them instead. I’d happily pay $5 a month to RENT a pillow. That’s how much I like it. Our necks don’t hurt anymore. When complimented with a great mattress, these pillows can change your sleep for the better.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

June 9, 2015

United States

Takes a Bit to Get Used To

First week it felt weird but i like sleeping on my side and my head doesn’t get hot on the hulls.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

May 22, 2015

Becky Hild
United States

I Love My Pillow

I’ve owed a tiny one for years and would have to put it on top of a slim polyester one and scrunch it up. I had a broken neck so every night is a challenge to get comfortable. I ordered the full size one and I LOVE it. It might take a night or two to get used to the fact that its not supper soft. But I love the fact its cool AND pretty much stays in the shape you scrunch it too or wiggle your head in it ! Im considering ordering one to ship out of state to my kids for when I go visit.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

April 25, 2015

United States

Very Good Pillow

Very good pillow. It takes a bit of getting use to, but once you adjust I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. I find that I sweat less, toss and turn less. The pillow allows for less lift, more lift etc.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

March 4, 2015

United States

Getting Used to It

I’ve never had a pillow like this before so I’m still getting used to it.

Hullo delivered on time and the quality is of the pillow is really good.  I would recommend it.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

January 25, 2015

United States

Works for Us!

It was time to replace our pillows and we were looking for new pillows that could possibly help us both to sleep better.

We both have back issues and we both snore. I also had noticed I was regularly clenching my teeth during the night and would wake up with head, neck and shoulder pain. In addition, I was always hot and sometimes I’d wake up with wet hair.

A recent visit to my mother’s home introduced me to a “sort of” buckwheat pillow that she let me try. It was a very small pillow and was filled with some type of styrofoam beads. This set me on a research binge to find a “real” buckwheat pillow. Husband was highly skeptical, but left the choice to me.

Weeks of reading finally led to the decision to go with Hullo. American made, quality materials and outstanding warranty were all factors in the decision. To me, this was something I did not want to turn out to be a costly mistake. It was happily the best choice for both of us.

The Hullo Buckwheat pillow has been perfect for me, stuffed as shipped, no more overheating, lessened snoring and the teeth clenching has disappeared. I love that this pillow is so easy to ‘adjust’ positioning and holds position as well. My husband took a week to get used to sleeping on his, ultimately he did remove three cups of the buckwheat fill to find the perfect ‘fit’ for him.

I am just very happy that this worked out for us the way it did.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

November 8, 2014

United States

Game Changer

You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning only to find that your neck is stiff and sore, and then it stays that way all day? My Hullo pillow simply doesn’t allow this to happen. I don’t know how or why, but it’s a wonderful thing. Thank you, Hullo!

As a side note, it took me a few nights to realize that I needed fewer hulls in the pillow. I estimate that I removed about a third of the hulls before being completely satisfied.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

November 7, 2014

United States

Bye Bye Night Sweats

Finally!!!!  After trying over 20 pillows, I have found Hullo!

I have tried everything from memory foam, down, synthetic, cooling pads, wool, and no matter what, I would wake up with a hot, sweaty neck which caused me great neck pain/tension throughout the day.

The first few days felt strange, but now I am so used to it and absolutely love it.  My son is having the same problem and I just ordered one for him.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

July 23, 2014

United States

I’m Glad I Ordered Hullo

  • Very nice cover, with quality textiles and good stitching.
  • I appreciate that it is zippered.
  • Lots of buckwheat, with full-size (not mini) pillow, so it matches my wife’s non-buckwheat pillow in size and shape.
  • Apparently good quality buckwheat.
  • Faith/trust that buckwheat is high-quality U.S. product, and not imported from China.

As far as cons, nothing occurs to me right now. I’d prefer it be less expensive, but that’s probably incompatible with your margins, and the quality of the product. I will admit that I came close to not ordering the pillow given it’s cost. I’m glad I did though – I really like it.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

April 23, 2014

Minneapolis, MN

I Take Hullo Everywhere!

I love my Hullo! Whenever I can, I take it with me on business and pleasure trips. I even take it camping.

The best features are the form fitting design and cool-to-the-head feel. No more stiff neck or sweaty head for me thanks to my Hullo.

Be sure to adjust the fill level to your comfort. I slept on my over-stuffed for a week and didn’t like it. After adjusting the fill, I fell in love with the Hullo.

My fiance loved it so much, I had to order her one too!

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

August 29, 2013

United States

I Sleep Better with Hullo

Amazingly, I sleep better with the Hullo pillow than with my down alternative pillow. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to the buckwheat pillow. It was so different from anything I’d slept on, and I kept going back to my fluffy down alternative pillow during the night. But after that time I found that I was sleeping all night on the Hullo, not waking up repeatedly in the night, and breathing better while I sleep.

I would recommend Hullo to a friend.

November 27, 2012